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Acest proiect este finanţat de către Ambasada Olandei în România, prin programul MATRA/KNIP 2007.

Descrierea proiectului, în limba engleză


Project background, problem statement
Râpa Roşie is a natural reservation of national importance, located nearby Sebeş town in the center of Romania. It is a spectacular form of natural soil erosion of the Secaşelor plateau, extended on 10 ha.
In the reservation are located some rare vegetal species, such as Cotoneaster integarrima, Ephedra distachya, Centaurea atropurpurea, Dianthus serotinus, Cephalaria radiata, Asplenium nigrum. There are no studies concerning the biodiversity of this area and the human impact upon it.
Although it was founded as a national reservation decades ago and it is proposed as a Natura 2000 site, it has no custodian.
Right now there are only two informative panels, deteriorated by time and presenting only  little amount of information. There are no marked tourist trails and the perimeter of the reservation is not established in field by specific signaling.
Inside the reservation camp fires spots were created by tourists and locals. Also, littering is a major concern. Excepting some very brief descriptions on internet, the tourists cannot find information about this reservation.

Brief description
First, we will follow the procedures for obtaining the custody of Râpa Roşie reservation and developing a management plan for it, which would integrate the Natura 2000 specifications.
Meanwhile, we will study the biodiversity from Râpa Roşie reservation (bird inventoring, amphibian and reptile inventory, flora and habitat study). We will use the acquired information for informational and further monitoring activities.
We will develop a nature interpretation program, as an instrument for nature awareness raising.
We will mark the reservation’s perimeter, install informative panels in the reservation and on the main access roads, create and distribute informative leaflets in various access points and publish information on a special created website - all of these in order to assure an efficient tourism and to limit its negative impact on the biodiversity.
We will establish and homologate new thematic paths, integrated in a network of surrounding geo-cultural objectives. We will remove the litter and relocate the camp fire spots, by creating special designated lay-over areas.
We will raise the local people awareness by informing them about the natural treasures they have in the surroundings and about the ways of protecting it.
The local officials and the custodians will participate in the processes of evaluation and planning of further common preservation activities, trough an open meeting.

Target group
1. Local community
2. Tourists

Involvement of target group (specify how the target group will be involved in the project activities and what will be its contribution)
1. The citizens of Sebeş town and nearby villages will be informed about the importance of the biodiversity protection in Râpa Roşie.
The local officials will participate in the project evaluation in order to establish common objectives and plan further activities.
2. The tourists will be informed trough our website, printed materials distributed in various access points and informative panels placed in the reservation and on the nearby passing E60 and E81 roadways.

Expected contribution to nature conservation
• We will study and present the actual status of the Râpa Roşie reservation. The results will be used to develop the management plan and can be further used as a reference point to study the biodiversity and geological evolution, as reaction to the natural changes and human intervention.
• The local community and the tourists will became more aware about what and why needs to be protected and will act accordingly to avoid damaging their surroundings.
• Our organization will be more entitled (by obtaining the custody) to continue the monitoring, preservation and protection activities in the area.

Aims of the project
• Developing the Management Plan for the reservation.
• Studying and mapping of the important plant and animal species populations, their habitats and the geological features found there.
• Evaluating the human impact upon biodiversity parameters and identifying viable solutions for decreasing these negative effects.
• Creating the infrastructure for sustaining a responsible tourism, based on nature protection.
• Website creation
• Distribution of informational leaflets and posters.
• Installation of informative panels and route direction displays.

Results to be achieved
- Obtain the custody of Râpa Roşie reservation
- Develop the management plan for Râpa Roşie reservation
- Create four scientific reports about the biodiversity from Râpa Roşie reservation (bird inventorying, amphibian and reptile inventory, flora and habitat study, geological aspects)
- Implement a nature interpretation program
- Have a well defined local guiding system (reservation’s perimeter, informative panels informative leaflets, marked trails) for tourists.
- Have a well documented website, with scientific, cultural and touristic information.
- Have a proper reservation, suitable furnished for responsible touristic activities.
- Have local people with a higher awareness and care of the reservation and it’s surroundings
- Involvement of the local officials in the processes of evaluation and planning of further common preservation activities.

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